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Mazimon was intended to be a mix between mazes and the game simon and resulted in a fast paced maze solving high scoring game.
Controls :
[Any key] to start the game or continuing after beating a maze.
[A][W][S][D] or [<][^][v][>] to move.
[ESC] to exit the game, or exit seed edit mode.
[CTRL] to enter seed edit mode.
[Return](while seed edit mode) to use a seed.
[Space] to pause.
[Backspace] to restart the current maze.
How to play: You need to go from the start to de farthest end as fast as you can but without crashing or going into a dead end.
Each time you make a valid move a sound will be played for the direction you are moving, also the path up to 5 blocks ahead is lighted so you can walk fast.
When you fail a move you will restart at the last checkpoint. At the end you get a Score and pps(points per second).

After beating a level a new one is generated up to "infinity". You can see the level seed at the top of the screen. You can change the seed of the maze also by pressing ctrl, editing it and then pressing enter.


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Published Dec 08, 2014